The Deep End

The Deep End

JOE!’ Sam called; he was well beyond worried, guilt was ravaging him now. 

He could hear Veronique and Fedor’s calls growing fainter with every step. So far, all he had found were colourful frogs, fat spiders, and a millipede sporting a ridiculous number of legs. There were also several foul-smelling flowers that resembled Lanelia far too closely for his liking. 

It was not surprising that he did not notice the long, sinuous coils of the anaconda as it unwound itself from the branch above his head. 

It lowered its triangular head toward the boy. Unblinking eyes regarded its prey, forked tongue flickering. 

It struck Sam high on the thigh and he gasped, looking down in confusion. Then let out a scream as he saw the gaping jaws of a giant snake attached to his leg. He continued screaming as the rest of the snake coiled itself around him. 

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