The following is my review for the original version, but I wanted to update it following my purchase of the new augmented addition. It's the same amazing story, but the art work is incredible and made me consider the 'world of the Few' in a whole new light. LOVED the new cover too! As per my headline above - this is the the start of something new - download it now - you will be blown away! Original review: I never thought I’d get that “Harry Potter” feeling again and I’m not going to lie, I was sceptical. The cover didn’t grab me and the reviews seemed a little too gushy - some very big names are being thrown around - The Hunger Games, Divergent, The Maze Runner amongst others. All ground-breaking stories that dominated their genre... But, the comparisons are justified. I was transported into another world and the pages flew by - I genuinely couldn’t put it down. Eddy Telviot is definitely a new kid on the blockbuster block. Even though it’s pitched at the Young Adult market, my whole family has now read this book. From 8 to 78, we all loved it. Epic storytelling, incredible imagination, vivid characters with some truly heart wrenching moments. And don’t get me started on the ending!... When is the next book out? This novel has certainly got all the makings of a global sensation and I guarantee Amazon, Netflix and Disney will be fighting over the movie rights for this series. Join The Few - you won’t regret it!


Wonderful story I can’t wait for the next book! The writer draws the reader in from the start, it’s a book that’s difficult to put down. It’s well written with amazing detail - immensely enjoyable ! I highly recommend it.


I love the flow of the story and the clever use of words to keep the reader engaged and excited, once started, you just have to finish, Ignore the age group, the story will be enjoyed by all age groups. great adventure for the young audience and gave me as the older audience a grin and smile from memories of my own life. Highly recommended is the usual word used by people, but in this case it is well worth the purchase,

Cassidee Lanstra

I found this to be a really cool novel. This YA sci-fi almost gives me some Mark Lawrence feels, it reminded me his Impossible Times series. They aren’t the same at all, but they do feature a band of young adults, a lot of science, and a desire to help the world. I loved that this had a good dose of history in it as well. I’m a sucker for books that weave history or mythology into the story. There was a natural progression of closeness that our characters felt within each other and through their exploration of this secret society. The story starts off and immediately pulls you in, making you curious about Sam’s dad and what his job really entails. The writing was superb, too. The flow was natural and the banter seemed like it came easy. Sometimes when adults are writing kids, it’s like they forget how kids actually sound. That wasn’t the case here. If you’re looking for a SFF that blends secrets, science, history, and action... look no further!

Niranjana Siva

I really loved this story. All the characters were relatable and the pace of the story was also beautifully written. This is a great escapism from the real world. If you are a fan of harry potter or divergent series, I strongly suggest you read this story. This book gave me similar vibes along with a really strong vocabulary. Splendid book to start a series.

Sai Ram Prakash

I liked about the imaginary science that is described in intricate detail. The plots has some good twists. High vocabulary though!

lisa McTiernan

This book is written in such a creative, scientific and gripping style that I couldn’t put down. A must read for anyone who loves entering into a new world.

Beth McCann

I really enjoyed some skilled storytelling from a debut novel, creating believable worlds in sci-fantasy must be hard work but I was immediately drawn in. The characters are likeable and I loved their individual stories as well as the way they became a team. Looking forward to the next one.

Mr J H Boot-Handford

Really enjoyed this book, we took turns reading with our son, he really engaged with the story and often couldn't wait to read the next chapter. We're looking forward to a sequel!

Ms Kirsty Hull

saw the reviews for this book and thought i'd give it a go....within a few pages I wasnt dissapointed, I couldnt put it down. Even though it may be written more towards the YA audience I feel it crosses boundaries and will appeal to all ages. I loved how the characters evolved throughout the book and grew with each other. The banter between them was believable as I'm sure I was just like that a few years ago. I normally read fantasy or sci fi books, so this was a great hybrid of the two. It had plenty of believable inventions with just a hint of magic thrown in and lots of "ooohh I want one" moments. I cant wait for the next installment.

Rebecca Mosley

This book was recommended to me and I was totally hooked from the first page. The protagonist, Sam, is drawn into the mysterious underworld of The Few and takes the reader along for a thrilling and fast paced journey. I really enjoyed this debut novel and can’t wait to find out what happens in the next installment.


I’m just over half way through this book and felt I had to leave a review! A must read for those interested in sci-fi adventure. The story line grips you from the beginning, I can’t put it down!!


Great story that kept me wanting to read more and find out what happens next. Beautiful written with lots of details and imagination. I cannot wait for the next book to come out!

Amazon Customer

Fantastic YA novel, think Harry Potter but better. The story follows 15 year old Sam and friends as they enter an apprenticeship for The Few, part a secret society that seeks to protect humans from themselves. The action jumps from a monastery in the Himalayas to a South American jungle to a circus in NYC. Fast paced, action filled and gadgets/inventions galore. Great premise, great execution, I loved this book. Cannot wait for the next entry. Fabulous atoms indeed.

Mike Bishop

Referred to by a friend, I had never heard of the author prior to looking and subsequently buying this book. What a fantastic read from a debut author. I was so very pleasantly surprised. Eddy here really captures the imagination of the reader with intricate detail but still leaves so much to you to let it run wild too!. A well crafted and thought-out story that leaves the reader looking for the next instalment. There is a bit of everything for everyone here and aimed at an imaginative and free to explore audience, this book does not disappoint. Whilst it starts to take you on that Harry Potter type journey, it manages to stay clear of it, and brings you back to its own identity that would look phenomenal on the big screen. A great effort here, that should and likely will open the door for a series of books to come. I for one cannot wait.


This book follows four teenagers as they take part in a summer ‘apprenticeship’ for The Few - a secret society designed to protect the world from it’s worst inventions.

Paul Warrilow

The overall premise of this book could be happening right now, with maybe a few exceptions. The main characters are great, the supporting characters are also well written. I could not help thinking about this as a film as I read the book. It would make a great family film, in the way Harry Potter did. This may of been aimed at the young adult market but I am 51 and cannot wait for the next book to come out. The world Eddy has created is unique but based in what we all know. Best £1.99 I have spent in a long time.


Epic, imaginative sci-fi/fantasy full of intrigue, insidious and heroic secret societies, gadgets and surprises - sure to delight teens and young adults.

David Arrowsmith

This was a really fun read, ideal for anyone who loves a fantasy romp in the vein of Harry Potter but with a bit more of a grown up flavour. Lots of imagination has gone into this.

Kindle customer

A well written story with plausible and well described concepts. Good distinctive characters. Fast paced and maintained your interest.


Been a while since I wrote a review, but this is a cracking read. Squarely aimed at the YA market, The Stone Thieves has some awesome concepts wrapped inside a fantastical adventure/science fiction story that has “movie” written all over it. The ideas make this stand out from the crowd, and even though this is clearly a “set up” book for more in a series of novels, it still works great as a stand alone story. Highly recommended.

Merle W

Intricate, yet believable - and totally fascinating! The young protagonists spring vividly to life through their realistic dialogue and repartee. Descriptions are word paintings of the highest order, while the attention to detail given by the writer's incredible imagination would make creating a film script a task worth undertaking. Scope for special effects could be amazing. Please continue the series, we need to know what happens next!


An intriguing and well-written fantasy adventure that had me hooked from the start. I really wanted to keep on reading to find out what happens next. Fabulous!

Hank M

Epic, imaginative sci-fi/fantasy full of intrigue, insidious and heroic secret societies, gadgets and surprises - sure to delight teens and young adults.


What an adventure for four hapless teenagers who have been enrolled into a summer apprenticeship like no other. They learn of The Few and their quest to guard ‘a book’ against the evils of Harbinger Robotics. As the four learn secrets, martial arts, how to weld weapons and face the dangers lurking in jungles they become friends and a force to be reckoned with. Eddy has written a brilliantly compelling story with countless twists and turns, enjoyable characters and witty banter. I eagerly await the next in the series.

jonathan watts

The Stone Thieves is a meticulously crafted tale full of verve and wonder that will leave you breathless. Its a globetrotting highstakes sci-fi adventure,which follows a band of young proteges,as they struggle to protect the world from dark forces. I must admit i haven't read such an exhilarating book in a very long time. The only downside is the wait for the next installment!

Shane Lay

This book was really good. When I read the synopsis I was little put off but I was thinking about reading a Sci-Fi and I'll honestly give anything a shot. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I was pleasantly surprised by Mr. Eddy Telviot. I do not think that the synopsis on Goodrrads does this book ANY justice at all. The Stone Thieves is a really great take on sci fi in current society. I was getting Doctor Strange x Matrix vibes once I got to the good part. The story mostly follows 15 year old Sam Van Sandt but when the 3 others teens are introduced, their point of views on situations plays into effect as well. These teens are chosen due to their family connections to become a part of a secret society that pretty much protects mankind from itself (cuz let's be honest, we evil SOB's 😇). The teens are then put through training and tests to see if they could thrive being a part of this society. There were some parts that I felt were too vague to really mean much to the story or a character's trait (Sam's flashbacks, Veronique's multiple personality skill). Then there parts that were absolutely perfect (mods and the krusa), that I would completely forget about anything I had concerns about. Overall, 4.5 stars and I can't wait to read the next book!!

Jonny P

Well where do we begin?! I have read this alongside my teenage daughters who are huge ‘Potter Heads’ and fans of both the Hunger Games and Divergent series. This was just up their street and I too have really enjoyed reading this debut novel. Whilst there are elements of things that we already love (including a bit of Dr. Strange thrown in) this really is a completely new and unique world. The attention to detail and language is mind-blowing. The characters have depth and the journey both across the world and through science is something we have never seen before. This is a must-read for those who crave a mystical-yet-intelligent bit of escapism with strong characters who I hope we will see across many more books in the future. A most excellent debut!

Bedside Book Review

What an adventure for four hapless teenagers who have been enrolled into a summer apprenticeship like no other. They learn of The Few and their quest to guard ‘a book’ against the evils of Harbinger Robotics. As the four learn secrets, martial arts, how to weld weapons and face the dangers lurking in jungles they become friends and a force to be reckoned with. Eddy has written a brilliantly compelling story with countless twists and turns, enjoyable characters and witty banter. I eagerly await the next in the series.

S.D. Reed

Oh my goodness! I’m not even sure there are enough superlatives to write a review for this! It is honestly one of the best books I’ve read, not only this year but ever! Eddy effortlessly makes you care for the characters and the world in which they inhabit. I shall leave no spoilers, but I implore you to read it. Your world will be better off for it! It is written by a phenomenal storyteller and I have absolutely no doubt that it is a name and book we will remember for years to come!

Carolina Moraes

A month ago, I stumbled across an ad on Instagram about this fiction book on Amazon, and now, after finishing it, I couldn’t be more grateful to that algorithm! It’s not every day that we see such a promising first book to what I think will become one of my favorite fiction series. To me, there’s almost no way to love reading, fiction, and science fiction and not to fall in love with The Fabulous Arrangement of Atoms. The story is captivating, and I’ve seen some comparisons with The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, and many other well-established series. Well, although the comparison doesn’t fall short by any means, I assure you that TFAA is its own thing. It finishes with a beautiful plot twist, leaving you wanting more, and I do! Maybe the only downside is having to wait for a sequel hahaha. I can only imagine how even better the story will become in the next book when we’ll probably see more of the character's personality, and of course, more of this new world that unfolded in the pages of The Stone Thieves. I recommend it to anyone who is into this genre, wants something new and exciting, and wants to see some beautiful writing, world-building, and storytelling!

ken Vinton

First book I have read from this author, which came recommended by a friend as a read for my 17 year old daughter. Purchased it for her and haven't put it down myself since. A very different slant on sci-fi and adventure. Well worth a view.

Amazon Customer

Brilliant, 5star all the way. Read with my 9 and 12 year old, we couldn’t wait to start the next chapter every time! Really enjoyed discussing Sams adventures and guessing where they might take him next, can’t wait for the next one Eddy!


There is a book which has shaped the course of history. For thousands of years, people have been sworn to protect it. From the Greeks and Persians to mighty Hannibal and the formidable Caesars of Rome. As of yet, no one has come close to finding it... until now. You join Sam, a typical teenager who leads a pretty typical life and with it a father who works a menial job for the patent office, but little does Sam know just what sort of wonders, modifications and dark science dwells within the walls of his workplace... That is, until one day after an encounter with someone in his fathers office leaves him with one too many questions, he is thrust into a seemingly innocent apprenticeship but soon discovers a world no one could have ever thought possible... Along with three new friends who find themselves in a similar situation, Sam will undergo many trials which will see him become something he could only have ever dreamed of, from enduring the harsh elements of the Himalayas which hides a monastery, to the unforgiving heat of a South American jungle, the ever-shifting world around Sam bombards all of his senses and as he uncovers more about The Few and the mysterious book everyone wants to get their hands on and the boundaries of reality blur forever.... However, Ms Keller is waiting in the shadows to claim what she thinks is rightfully hers, and after learning of a scroll which will lead them to the book, much more than just Sams life is on the line. How far will Ms Keller go to stop anyone else from getting to the book first, and will Sam be able to trust his new friends in retrieving something that will truly alter the future forever? Full of true wonder, intriguing worlds, fabulous gadgets, and memorable characters along with a good dose of humour, this book will take you away on an adventure you won’t soon forget!