The City of Eternal Night

The City of Eternal Night

Joe almost jumped out of his skin when a dark wraith of a man melted from the doorway of the nearest building and approached him. 

‘Who the hell are you?’ cried the startled youngster, edging away. 

‘I might ask you the same question,’ the stranger replied, ‘but I know who you are, Giuseppe, last of your line. What I will ask is how you found your way here?’ 

Joe could now make out the man’s features in the dim light. He was tall and lean, and moved with unnerving grace. His eyes held the boy in a hard relentless gaze. 

‘It was quite by accident, I assure you,’ Joe laughed nervously. ‘My friends and I— This tree, you see— I leant against it. And, there was this doorway with a staircase. Then a strange room that wouldn’t shut up . . .’ 

The man drew closer. 

Joe’s laughter died and he retreated. ‘Who are you? Where am I?’ 

The man paused. ‘You have entered Udias El’suma Natro, The City of Eternal Night. Who I am is not important and this place does not exist. But don’t worry, for soon you will remember nothing.’ 

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