Ivan and Anatoly’s castle

Ivan and Anatoly's castle

Hidden away in the foothills of the Urals, Ivan and Anatoly were kings of their castle. They lived in a veritable rabbit warren of ancient halls, stone chambers and turrets, which the brothers had filled with every imaginable toy, gadget and invention. 

They had taken the boys on a tour through vaulted ballrooms, a chapel, and numerous stately dining rooms before reaching the basketball court, go-kart track, SNS-C paintball course, arcade, pool and dojo – and they had only covered the east wing so far! 

The castle courtyard housed a collection of scramblers, quad bikes and ATVs. There was even a helicopter and a fighter jet, just to round off things. 

‘Ah, the MIG.’ Anatoly chuckled, noticing Sam’s gobsmacked expression. ‘A Soviet era icon I retrofitted to take off and land without a runway. Goes through fuel like a pig does truffles. I’m working on an alternative formula but need to refine the mix. The first batch of IG60 blew out the starboard engine – sent it clean through Ivan’s favourite Hoverbike. He was not pleased.’ 

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