Quartermaster’s stores

Quartermaster's stores

The Quartermaster’s Store was in the competitors’ section of the arena.
‘So, this is where every Rummager goes?’ Sam craned his neck over the counter, peering into the cavernous recesses of the storeroom, which appeared to lead off for miles in every direction. An army of 3D printers whirred away under the close supervision of technicians with clipboards and safety glasses.

Centuries old, the maze of caverns sprawled into the dormant volcano for miles in every direction. Over time, the treasure trove of relics; forgotten inventions and ancient gadgets had been steadily moved further and further into the recesses of the vast storeroom, to make way for shiny, state-of-the-art scientific marvels. Electric lighting replaced walls lit by burning torches, letting fall into shadow a cornucopia of creations to rival Flic’s carefully detailed dominion, and it was long rumoured that not even the Quartermaster himself truly knew what secrets his vast stockpile may contain…

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