Suspended Animation Trap (SAT)

Suspended Animation Trap (SAT) An object converted into a trap which fully immobilises the person who activates it. Discover more terms

Firefly Fern

Firefly Fern A fern which uses the genes from the Fire Fly to glow in low light conditions. Discover more terms

Devil’s Dust

Devil’s Dust Dried leaf power which blurs the vision. Discover more terms

Devil Dust grenade

Devil Dust grenade Capsicum gas grenade. Discover more terms


Tribes A strategy board game developed by the monks of Shen Pi. Discover more terms

Transient Genetic Modifications

Transient Genetic Modifications Short term genetic modification to the human genome to express a genetic trait isolated from another creature. Discover more terms

Time Box

Time Box One of Christopher Wren’s Hidden Inventions, the Time Box allows post to be sent back in time as far as 1654. Discover more terms

Thunderclap grenade

Thunderclap grenade An extremely powerful sound weapon with an adhesive undercoating. Discover more terms

The Ultimate Insult

The Ultimate Insult Pulse grenade which disrupts the nervous system, causing loss of limb control. Discover more terms

The Silent Knight

The Silent Knight A Cadre currently lead by Caleb Roth and a winner of The CruciBowl. Discover more terms