The Silent Knight

The Silent Knight


The Silent Knight

The Silent Knight

One of the oldest Cadres, the Knights are the bastions of The Few’s militant arm. Where War Mind push the boundaries, the Knights protect it, adhering to a strong code and dedicated to upholding the interests of The Order. Strong, passionate, and principled, they are rigorous and determined individuals, and a formidable force in any encounter.

The Silent Knight is not just a force of strength; they are a symbol of hope and stability in a tumultuous world. Their unwavering dedication to The Order and its principles makes them a beacon, a reminder that some still stand for what is right, no matter the cost. In their hands, the sanctity of The Few is safe, and their legacy has always been one of valour and honour.


The original Silent Knight Cadre comprised of four stalwart warriors, each embodying the virtues of courage, discipline, and unwavering loyalty. At the helm of this venerable Cadre was the first Paladin, a seasoned leader whose very presence commands respect. The Paladin was a master strategist, combining tactical brilliance with a deep sense of honour and justice. Clad in armour that bore the scars of countless battles, The Paladin was both a symbol and a shield for the Cadre, leading them with unwavering resolve and a keen mind honed by years of experience.

Beside The Paladin stood The Sentinel, a towering figure renowned for their unyielding defence. With a shield as impenetrable as their will, The Sentinel was the bulwark against any threat, providing an unbreakable line that no foe could cross. Their steadfast nature and unflinching bravery make them the cornerstone of The Silent Knight, inspiring their comrades to stand firm even in the face of overwhelming odds.

The Vanguard was the third member of this formidable Cadre, an agile and fierce warrior who led the charge at every opportunity. Swift as the wind and equally relentless, The Vanguard exceled in both offense and defence, their dual blades a blur in the heat of combat. They were the tip of the spear, piercing through enemy lines with precision and ferocity, always the first to engage and the last to retreat.

Rounding out The Silent Knight was The Templar, a figure of solemn dedication and spiritual strength. The Templar combined martial prowess with a deep connection to the ideals and traditions of The Order, channelling their inner strength to protect and heal their comrades. Their presence was both a source of comfort and inspiration, providing the Cadre with a sense of unity and purpose that binds them together.

Together, these four warriors formed The Silent Knight, a Cadre as ancient as it is revered. They were the guardians of The Few, standing as sentinels against the chaos and darkness that threatened their world. Their code was their lifeblood, a creed of honour and duty that they upheld with every breath. In every mission, they operated with the precision of a well-oiled machine, their actions guided by a blend of instinct, training, and an unbreakable bond forged through countless trials that became legend.

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