War Mind

War Mind


War Mind

War Mind

This Cadre prides itself on constant reinvention. They never stand still! Vacillating from Mods, to mechanics, chemical and covert tactics, harmonics, or hallucinogens – they will ply any and every tool to unbalance and overcome their opponents. Often found flirting dangerously close to the boundaries of ethics, War Mind don’t mind getting their hands dirty to achieve their goal…

War Mind is characterised by fluidity and adaptability. They strike swiftly and decisively, using every tool at their disposal to destabilise their foes. Each mission is indicative of their ingenuity and resourcefulness, as they tailor their approach to exploit the unique vulnerabilities of their targets and achieve their objective.


War Mind has always been a dynamic and ever-evolving group, driven by a relentless pursuit of innovation and effectiveness in the art of conflict. Leading the original unconventional incarnation of this Cadre was The Innovator, a brilliant and unpredictable mind whose genius lay in their ability to devise novel strategies and technologies. The Innovator was always several steps ahead, constantly experimenting with new methods to gain an edge over their adversaries. His lab was a chaotic sanctuary of prototypes and blueprints, where the boundaries of science and warfare are pushed to their limits.

Supporting The Innovator was The Mechanic, a master engineer with an uncanny talent for building and modifying equipment. Whether it was enhancing weapons, creating gadgets, or improvising machinery on the fly, The Mechanic’s hands worked miracles with any material. Their creations were often as unorthodox as they are effective, giving War Mind a technological advantage that was both surprising and formidable. The Mechanic thrived on the cutting edge, always ready to adapt and upgrade their arsenal to meet any challenge.

The Alchemist, the third member of War Mind, delved deeply into the realms of chemistry and biology, crafting potent concoctions that ranged from mind-bending hallucinogens to deadly toxins. Their expertise in pharmacology and biochemistry allowed them to manipulate the playing field in ways few could anticipate, turning the environment and even the enemies’ own bodies against them. The Alchemist’s work was shrouded in mystery and moral ambiguity, but their results were undeniably effective, making them an indispensable part of the Cadre.

Finally, there was The Operative, a specialist in covert tactics and psychological warfare. The Operative exceled in espionage, infiltration, and the subtle art of manipulation. With a deep understanding of human behaviour and an arsenal of psychological tools, The Operative could sow confusion, fear, and dissent among enemy ranks. Their ability to blend into any situation and strike from the shadows made them the perfect agent for executing War Mind’s most delicate and dangerous missions.

Together, these four individuals formed a Cadre that thrived on unpredictability and versatility. They were not bound by convention or tradition; instead, they embraced change and challenge, constantly reinventing themselves to stay ahead of their enemies. Their willingness to explore the grey areas of ethics and morality set them apart, allowing them to achieve their objectives by any means necessary.


In the ever-shifting landscape, War Mind stood as a testament to the power of innovation and the relentless pursuit of victory. They were the vanguard of The Few’s offensive capabilities, a Cadre that embodies the spirit of progress and the willingness to transcend boundaries in the name of success. With War Mind on the field, no challenge was insurmountable, and no opponent was safe from their relentless ingenuity.

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