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To the world, she was simply Veronique. However, when she chose to hide from it, the girl in the mirror was rarely the same person twice. The prim persona of that dutiful daughter was pushed into the shadows and the face she saw in the mirror could do anything, be anyone. She had played every conceivable role, and tonight she would be Nikki.

She lifted a crimson mask with gold lining and a bright red plume from Ruben’s pile of books, dismissing their call.


Full Name: Veronique Beauchamp

Cadre: The Stone Thieves

Cadre Role: Charlatan

Age: 15

strengths / weaknesses


Veronique possesses the remarkable ability to transform into various personas effortlessly. She has a knack for thinking on her feet, coming up with inventive solutions to unexpected challenges, and utilizing her surroundings to her advantage.


Constantly shifting between different personas and identities can lead to a struggle with her true sense of self. Veronique might find it challenging to distinguish who she genuinely is beneath the masks she wears, causing moments of confusion and self-doubt.

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