Timothy Crass

Tiny Tim

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Tiny Tim

His life revolves around the gym, and he is known for his disciplined workout routine and commitment to maintaining a healthy and muscular physique. Despite his intense focus on fitness, he is approachable and loves sharing his knowledge and experiences with others, especially when it comes to nutrition and exercise.


Full Name: Timothy Crass

Nickname: Tiny Tim

Cadre: The Tinker’s Hammer

Cadre Role: Juggernaut

Age: 24

strengths / weaknesses


Tiny Tim’s greatest strength lies in his unwavering dedication and motivation when it comes to fitness. He has a strong work ethic and consistently pushes himself to achieve his goals. His passion for working out and living a healthy lifestyle is infectious, motivating others to adopt similar habits.


While Tiny Tim’s commitment to fitness is admirable, he may place excessive emphasis on physical appearance and body image. This preoccupation might lead to self-criticism or unrealistic expectations, impacting his mental and emotional health.

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