Thomas Thewl


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With a mature and thoughtful demeanor, he is the one his peers turn to for guidance and advice. He possesses a deep sense of empathy and understanding, making him approachable and a reliable confidante. Thomas takes his role as a role model seriously, and his actions consistently reflect his strong moral compass. He is a pillar of strength for his friends, providing stability and wisdom during challenging times.


Full Name: Thomas Thewl

Cadre: The Madrigals

Cadre Role: Paladin

Age: 31

strengths / weaknesses


Thomas’s greatest strength lies in his natural leadership abilities. His ability to guide and support others, combined with his excellent decision-making skills, allows him to take charge in various situations. His friends often look to him for direction and rely on his strong leadership to navigate through life’s complexities.


Thomas’s inclination to put others’ needs before his own can be both a strength and a weakness. While his selflessness is admired by his friends, it may lead him to neglect his own well-being at times, potentially resulting in burnout or emotional strain.

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