The Trojan Ponies

The Trojan Ponies


The Trojan Ponies

The Trojan Ponies

Were there a professional league for Hide and Seek, this Cadre would be their champions. Subterfuge and clandestine in every encounter, the Ponies love to devour their prey from the inside out. They will get in your mind, your house or under your bed before you know it. No secret, treasure or target is safe from these tricksters.

In the field, the Trojan Ponies operate like phantoms, their presence felt but rarely seen. They excel at creating and exploiting vulnerabilities, turning their enemies’ strengths into weaknesses. Their ability to gather critical information and sabotage plans from the inside makes them a terrifying adversary for anyone who dares to underestimate them.


The Trojan Ponies were a quartet of master infiltrators and covert operatives, each excelling in the art of deception and stealth. Leading this enigmatic Cadre was The Puppeteer, a brilliant strategist who manipulated situations from the shadows. The Puppeteer’s genius lay in their ability to create elaborate ruses and diversions, ensuring the team’s true objectives remain hidden until it was too late. With a deep understanding of human psychology and a talent for anticipating their enemies’ moves, The Puppeteer orchestrated each mission with meticulous precision, pulling the strings to guide their targets exactly where they want them.

Second in command was The Chameleon, a consummate shapeshifter who could blend seamlessly into any environment. Whether through physical disguise or adopting the mannerisms and speech patterns of others, The Chameleon was a master of disguise, capable of assuming any identity to gain access to restricted areas or sensitive information. Their ability to vanish into a crowd or assume a new persona at will made them invaluable for infiltration and espionage, ensuring the Trojan Ponies could operate undetected in any setting.

The third member, The Ghost, specialised in the art of silent movement and surveillance. The Ghost could move through the most secure locations without leaving a trace, their presence undetectable until they choose to reveal themselves. With unparalleled skills in reconnaissance and information gathering, The Ghost ensured that the Trojan Ponies always had the upper hand, providing real-time intelligence and monitoring enemy movements with eerie precision.

Rounding out the team was The Viper, an expert in psychological warfare and sabotage. The Viper took delight in getting into their enemies’ minds, using manipulation, blackmail, and fear to destabilise and control. Their ability to plant seeds of doubt and discord among adversaries often led to the enemy’s downfall from within, turning allies against each other and creating chaos in their wake. The Viper’s cunning and ruthless efficiency ensured that no secret was safe, and no target was untouchable.

This Cadre was defined by their cunning and stealth. They were the unseen predators, striking from the shadows and disappearing without a trace. Their operations were marked by a blend of subtlety and psychological manipulation, making them the perfect team for missions that required secrecy and precision.


The Trojan Ponies thrived on their ability to infiltrate and dismantle their targets from within. Their expertise in disguise, silent movement, and psychological manipulation allowed them to operate in the most hostile environments without detection. Each member’s unique skills contributed to a cohesive strategy that left their enemies bewildered and vulnerable.

They were a testament to the power of subterfuge and the effectiveness of striking from the shadows. Their mastery of deception and infiltration ensured that no secret remains hidden, and no target was beyond their reach. With the Trojan Ponies on the hunt, even the most secure fortresses and the most guarded secrets were at risk, making them one of the most feared and respected Cadres within The Few.

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