The Stone Thieves Cadre

The stone thieves


The stone thieves


The name of the first Cadre of The Few, not much is known about the origins of this Cadre or how they got their name, however many suspect that the name may be linked to the mysterious Krusa. But why did they steal them, when and from whom…?



The Stone Thieves are shrouded in mystery, their origins lost to the annals of time and their motives obscured by layers of secrecy. Led by The Wraith, a figure cloaked in darkness and intrigue, the Stone Thieves were rumoured to have operated with ruthless efficiency and unwavering determination. Their methods were as enigmatic as their leader, and their ability to strike and disappear without a trace earned them a fearsome reputation among both allies and enemies alike.

Assisting The Wraith is The Marauder, a master of infiltration and sabotage who specialised in covert operations and clandestine activities. The Marauder’s expertise lay in gaining access to secure locations and stealing valuable artifacts and intelligence without alerting the enemy. Whether it was infiltrating strongholds or conducting reconnaissance behind enemy lines, The Marauder’s skills were unmatched, making them a valuable asset to the Stone Thieves’ operations.

The third member, The Lurker, was a master of deception and misdirection who specialised in creating diversions and distractions to confuse and confound their enemies. The Lurker’s ability to blend into their surroundings and manipulate their enemies’ perceptions allowed them to create chaos and confusion, giving the Stone Thieves the upper hand in any engagement. Whether it was setting traps or sowing dissent among enemy ranks, The Lurker’s cunning and resourcefulness make them a formidable adversary.

Completing the cadre is Shade, a mysterious figure whose true identity and abilities remain shrouded in secrecy. Rumoured to possess supernatural powers and otherworldly abilities, Shade was an enigmatic presence whose mere presence instilled fear and uncertainty in their enemies. Whether through telekinesis, teleportation, or some other unknown means, Shade manipulated the proceedings from afar, orchestrating events with a precision that defies explanation. Their role within the Stone Thieves was as elusive as their identity, but their contributions are no less crucial to the cadre’s success.

Together, this cadre of clandestine operatives and master thieves operated in the shadows and thrive on chaos and confusion. They were the unseen hands that shape the early course of The Few’s history, their actions guided by their unknown motives and secret agendas. With their ability to strike from the darkness and disappear without a trace, the Stone Thieves were capable of achieving their objectives with ruthless efficiency and unwavering determination.

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