The Quiet Elves

The Quiet Elves


The Quiet Elves

The Quiet Elves

A specialist Cadre, favouring stealth and covert tactics, this group has always been especially effective in surveillance and embrace camouflage techniques. More recently, with the proliferation of Mods, the Elves have taken the art of disguise to mind boggling heights.

Embracing the power of stealth and cunning, their ability to move unseen and unheard makes this Cadre a force to be reckoned with. They are the eyes and ears of The Few, gathering intelligence and striking from the shadows with deadly efficiency.



The Quiet Elves were originally a cadre of silent operatives and master infiltrators, led by The Shadow, a mysterious figure whose very presence seemed to blend seamlessly into the shadows. The Shadow’s expertise lay in stealth and subterfuge, their movements silent and their actions undetectable. With a keen eye for detail and an unparalleled sense of awareness, The Shadow orchestrated the cadre’s operations with precision and finesse, ensuring that they remained unseen and unheard at all times.

Assisting The Shadow was Whisper, a master of espionage and intelligence gathering who specialised in gathering information without detection. Whisper’s network of informants and spies spans the globe, provided the cadre with invaluable insights into their enemies’ plans and movements. Their ability to move unnoticed among the enemy ranks allowed them to gather information without ever being detected, making them a formidable asset in any covert operation.

The third member, Spectre, was a specialist in camouflage and disguise, capable of blending into any environment with ease. Spectre’s mastery of disguise is unrivalled, their ability to assume different identities and personas allowing them to move freely among their enemies without arousing suspicion. Whether it was blending into a crowd or infiltrating a high-security facility, Spectre’s chameleon-like abilities make them an invaluable asset to the cadre, ensuring that they could strike from the shadows without ever being seen.

Completing the cadre is Phantom, a master of illusion and misdirection who specialised in creating distractions and decoys to confuse and disorient their enemies. Phantom’s illusions were so convincing that even the most astute observers could be fooled, allowing the cadre to slip past defences and strike from unexpected angles. Their ability to manipulate perception and create false realities made them a powerful weapon in the cadre’s arsenal, ensuring that their enemies are always kept off-balance and unsure of what was real and what was merely an illusion.

The Quiet Elves were a cadre defined by their mastery of stealth and covert tactics. They were the silent watchers, the unseen shadows that lurked in the darkness, waiting, watching. With their expertise in surveillance, camouflage, and disguise, the Quiet Elves were the perfect operatives for missions that require subtlety and discretion. They would strike with the speed and precision of a dagger in the dark, their enemies unaware of their presence until it’s too late.

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