Taka Oriko


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Taka possesses a certain air of mystery and depth, making it challenging for others to fully grasp the entirety of his being. Despite this enigmatic quality, Dominic has a magnetic presence that draws people to him. He is a person of few words, but his actions speak volumes, and his keen observation skills allow him to understand situations and people on a profound level.


Full Name: Taka Oriko

Cadre: The Pen Dragons

Cadre Role: Paladin

Age: 26

strengths / weaknesses


Taka’s ability to remain calm and composed even in high-pressure situations is one of his greatest strengths. His observant nature allows him to assess and analyze his surroundings and the people within them, making him an excellent judge of character and a strategic thinker.


Taka’s guarded nature can make it difficult for others to get close to him emotionally. His past experiences may have led him to be distrustful of people, making it challenging to form deep and meaningful connections. This tendency to keep his emotions hidden might lead to feelings of isolation and a lack of emotional support.

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