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‘Come on!’ He shielded his sister, heading for their parents’ bedroom.
‘Mummy!’ he shouted. Five years old and so very frightened. ‘DADDYYYYY!’
There was an awful splitting sound as the roof gave way. Sam pulled Sophie past, propelling her toward safety.
A beam fell between them, spewing molten thatch.
‘Sophie!’ He screamed, losing sight of her. ‘Quick, open their door, get inside!’
‘Sammy!’ Her voice was desperate. Scared and alone.
They had never been apart. They’d shared a womb and everything since. He leapt forward, swatting the pyre.
Strong arms swept him up and away from the flames. ‘Come, we need to get out.’ The man’s voice was muffled, a wet rag over his mouth.
‘No!’ Sam writhed, kicking free, clawing at the smoking wreckage separating him from the other half of his heart. The blanket caught and a fresh crest of flames devoured his arm.
Sam screamed. The man found him again, relentless, pulling him back.
‘Sammy!’ He heard his sister’s voice for the last time. ‘Don’t leave me!’

Full Name: Sam Van Sandt

Cadre: The Stone Thieves

Cadre Role: Paladin

Age: 15

strengths / weaknesses


Sam’s life journey has taught him resilience in the face of adversity. Despite being treated like an outsider and encountering elitist attitudes, he doesn’t let these obstacles deter him from pursuing his goals. His determination and strong character allow him to maintain a positive attitude even during tough times.


Sam struggles with survivor’s guilt after losing his sister Sophie in the fire. He constantly blames himself for not being able to save Sophie, despite his young age and the dire circumstances. This guilt  haunts him throughout his life, affecting his relationships, decision-making, and self-esteem. He struggles with feelings of inadequacy and a deep sense of responsibility for her loss, leading to emotional turmoil.

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