Pandora’s Box

Pandora’s Box


Pandora’s Box

Pandora’s Box

True to their name, this Cadre embraces the use of unknown and mysterious chemical concoctions. Dizzying, debilitating drugs, heady hallucinogens and nauseating, noxious gases – their arsenal knows know limits and one thing is for sure, Pandora herself would have thought twice before tangling with this crew. Seemingly innocent – but far from it!

Pandora’s Box is a reminder of the dangers of delving too deeply into the unknown, a cautionary tale of the consequences of tampering with forces beyond comprehension. Their methods may be unconventional and their ethics questionable, but their effectiveness is undeniable, and few can stand against the onslaught of their twisted creations. With Pandora’s Box in the mix, the line between reality and nightmare blurs, and the only certainty is uncertainty itself.


Pandora’s Box is a cadre shrouded in mystery and intrigue, their true history veiled in a haze of intoxicating substances and mind-altering concoctions. Leading this enigmatic group was The Alchemist, a master of chemistry and pharmacology who delights in creating potent elixirs and poisons. The Alchemist’s laboratory was a chaotic symphony of bubbling beakers and swirling vapours, where they brewed concoctions that defy comprehension and expectation. With a penchant for the unknown and a disregard for conventional morality, The Alchemist pushed the boundaries of chemical warfare, unleashing a Pandora’s Box of unpredictable and devastating effects upon their enemies.

Assisting The Alchemist was The Illusionist, a master of deception and illusion who used their skills to create bewildering and disorienting environments. The Illusionist specialised in the manipulation of perception, using hallucinogenic gases and mind-altering substances to warp reality and bend minds to their will. Their illusions were so convincing that even the most seasoned adversaries found themselves questioning what is real and what is merely a trick of the mind. With The Illusionist at their side, Pandora’s Box became a potent weapon, capable of sowing chaos and confusion on a grand scale.

The third member, morosely dubbed The Plaguebearer, specialised in the deployment of biological agents and infectious diseases. With a twisted fascination for contagion and decay, The Plaguebearer spread sickness and death wherever they went, turning the tide of any encounter with the invisible hand of disease. Their arsenal included a variety of toxins and pathogens, each more deadly than the last, and their ability to unleash small-scale pandemics upon unsuspecting foes made them a force to be reckoned with. The Plaguebearer’s methods may have been gruesome, but their effectiveness was undeniable, and few could withstand the onslaught of their virulent creations.

Completing the cadre was Enigma, a mysterious figure whose true motives and abilities remained forever shrouded in secrecy. Rumoured to have possessed psychic powers and otherworldly abilities, Enigma was an enigmatic presence whose mere presence instilled fear and uncertainty in their enemies. Whether through telepathy, telekinesis, or some other unknown means, Enigma manipulated the proceedings from afar, orchestrating events with a precision that defied explanation. Their role within Pandora’s Box was as elusive as their identity, but their contributions were no less crucial to the cadre’s success.

Together, this cadre of chaos brought uncertainty to every encounter and their very presence was enough to unsettle even the most hardened adversaries. They were the bringers of madness and despair, their arsenal of chemical and biological weapons capable of unleashing untold horrors upon their foes. When Pandora’s Box was unleashed, there was no telling what nightmares may come, and even the bravest souls did well to tread carefully in their presence.

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