Danica Keller

Ms Keller

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Ms Keller

She had changed since they parted company in London, her casual tourist garb replaced with a tailored suit and painfully high heels. Making her way behind the desk, she took a seat, motioning him to do the same.

‘I trust everything went according to plan?’ Ms Keller opened the case, turning the gaping square toward him. It was empty.


Full Name: Danica Keller

Age: 34

strengths / weaknesses


Her intelligence and cunning nature make her a formidable adversary, allowing her to plan and execute intricate plots with precision and finesse, often staying one step ahead of her opponents.


Her overconfidence in her own allure and intelligence might cause her to underestimate her opponents or grow complacent, making her vulnerable to unforeseen setbacks or moments of weakness that could potentially be exploited.

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