Miguel Ortega


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The sprawling village of Inti was attached to the trunks of the jungle monoliths, huts of all shapes and sizes clung like thatched limpets.

Miguel’s ancestral home was wrapped around a mighty Kapok tree. Spanning several floors, it was completed with a rooftop balcony above the canopy.

The visitors breathed in the sight with awe. Steep cliffs and dense vegetation hemmed the valley and clouds hugged the mountains. The basin was awash with vibrant colour and succulent greenery.


Full Name: Miguel Ortega

Age: 34

strengths / weaknesses


Miguel’s ancestral home, situated high in the canopy of a mighty Kapok tree, showcases his family’s resilience and deep connection to nature, making him a knowledgeable and skilled inhabitant of the jungle.


Despite his knowledge and skills, Miguel’s love for his home and the beauty of his surroundings may sometimes distract him, causing him to overlook potential dangers or challenges that require immediate attention or action.

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