Megan Lord


All about


Megan is a vivacious and spirited woman with a larger-than-life personality. With a natural charisma and warmth, she effortlessly draws people to her – and then draws their secrets out! Megan’s infectious energy and genuine enthusiasm make her the life of any party, creating the perfect distraction when needed by her team. 


Full Name: Megan Lord

Cadre: The Pen Dragons

Cadre Role: Charlatan

Age: 26

strengths / weaknesses


Megan’s big personality and super friendly nature are her greatest strengths. She has a way of making everyone feel valued and welcome, forming connections with people from all walks of life. Her ability to bring joy and positivity to any situation makes her a cherished friend and confidante.


Megan’s desire to maintain harmony and keep everyone happy can lead her to avoid confrontation or difficult conversations. While her amiable nature is appreciated, it may sometimes prevent her from addressing issues that need attention, potentially leading to unresolved conflicts or unexpressed feelings.

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