Joe Da Varona


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Joe turned the last page of Meditation and Psychokinesis. He’d found it fascinating and had devoured it in hours.

The young Italian was a quick study and could recall every word, line and sentence he had ever read – verbatim. Which was no small amount of information considering that he had been reading a book a day before most children had learned to walk.

Of the assigned books, only, The Art of War lay untouched. Joe had read it when he was eight and thought Joseph Marie Amiot’s French translation to be closest to Sun Tzu’s original text. His obsession with reading was part compulsion and part shield. His books protected him from the outside world and today he felt like he needed more protection than ever.


Full Name: Giuseppe Da Varona

Cadre: The Stone Thieves

Cadre Role: Reader

Age: 14

strengths / weaknesses


Being an avid reader with a book-a-day habit from a young age has granted Joe a wealth of knowledge on various subjects. He is exceptionally well-informed and possesses a high level of intelligence, making him a valuable asset in any intellectual pursuit.


While Joe’s mental abilities are impressive, he may lack physical prowess or combat skills. In situations that require physical strength or agility, he might find himself at a disadvantage, relying heavily on his intellect to compensate.

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