Jacqueline Wiese


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Jax is a captivating woman with a truly unique and distinctive trait: her skin. Her uncommon skin condition sets her apart from others and can make her feel self-conscious and vulnerable in a world that often values conformity. Despite this, she possesses an inner strength and resilience that shines through, along with a heart of gold that makes her a cherished and loyal friend.


Full Name: Jacqueline Wiese

Cadre: The Madrigals

Cadre Role: Charlatan

Age: 24

strengths / weaknesses


 Having experienced her share of judgment and misunderstanding due to her unique appearance, Jax has developed a deep well of empathy and understanding for others who may feel marginalized or different. Her compassionate nature allows her to connect with people on a profound level, making her an approachable and caring confidante.


Given her past experiences, Jax may find it difficult to trust new people easily. The fear of judgment or rejection could create a barrier that prevents her from forming new connections as quickly as she would like. However, once trust is earned, she becomes an unwavering and devoted friend.

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