Hayley Copping


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Despite her intimidating exterior, Hayley is an incredibly loyal friend to those who earn her trust. Once you’re in her inner circle, she’ll move mountains to support and protect you. Her loyalty knows no bounds, and she will fiercely defend her friends and loved ones from any harm that comes their way. Behind her tough exterior lies a heart of gold, and she values the bonds she forms with those she considers family.


Full Name: Hayley Copping

Cadre: The Fire Lords

Cadre Role: Charlatan

Age: 25

strengths / weaknesses


One of Hayley’s greatest strengths is her unwavering loyalty. Once she forms a bond with someone, whether it’s a friend, family member, or a cause she believes in, she will stand by them through thick and thin. Her loyalty makes her an invaluable ally, and she will go to great lengths to protect and support those she cares about.


Despite her extensive social circle, Hayley finds it challenging to trust others completely. Her fear of being vulnerable can sometimes create a barrier in her relationships, preventing her from fully opening up to people even though she is surrounded by admirers.

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