Harry Yung


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Harry combines two seemingly contrasting qualities: popularity and nerdy interests. With a unique blend of confidence, outgoing nature, and a love for reading and gaming, he defies stereotypes and stands out as charismatic and multi-dimensional. Harry’s confident and friendly demeanour makes him popular among his peers, while his passion for books and gaming showcases his intellectual depth and creativity. 


Full Name: Harry Yung

Cadre: The Tinker’s Hammer

Cadre Role: Reader

Age: 27

strengths / weaknesses


Despite his social prowess, Harry’s love for reading and gaming showcases his intellectual curiosity and creativity. He is open to exploring new ideas and experiences through books and games, which broadens his perspective and makes him an interesting and well-rounded individual.


Harry’s outgoing nature and popularity might lead him to overcommit to social events or activities. His desire to be involved and liked by everyone could spread him thin, potentially affecting his ability to balance his social life with personal time.

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