Joseph Lawrence


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‘Wait, how did you find the other Touch porta—?’ Goblin fumbled at the pin of a Star Burst grenade, but Ghost was too quick. His jade blade sprung to life, lightly caressing the little man a dozen times in
a fraction of the seconds. Eyes wide and frozen stiff, Goblin and his grenade were swiftly rendered impotent.


Full Name: Joseph Lawrence

Nickname: Goblin

Cadre: War Mind

Cadre Role: Charlatan

Age: 27

strengths / weaknesses


Goblin’s mischievous nature is not just for show; he is also clever and resourceful. He has a knack for thinking on his feet and finding creative solutions to problems. Whether it’s pulling off a prank or getting out of a sticky situation, Goblin’s quick thinking and resourcefulness serve him well.


While his mischievous behavior is part of his charm, Goblin’s penchant for mischief can sometimes get him into trouble. His love for pranks and tricks may lead him to cross boundaries or upset others unintentionally, causing strained relationships or misunderstandings.

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