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Sam stared open mouthed. Hovering before them, about the size of a football, was a robot: smooth and shiny with a band of neon blue light around its middle. The air beneath the robot shimmered.

Jasper noticed his son’s jaw dragging on the floor. ‘Sorry, Sam, this is Flic, our Cybernetic Curator.’
‘But wha… what is it?’

‘It?’ The blue bled to red and the floating custodian rounded on him. It had two cameras for eyes and a speaker grill mouth.

‘I am a highly intelligent, self-aware cybernetic organism. One who has catalogued every document on all two hundred and seventy-two levels of the London office, right down to the mjöð soaked napkin upon which Gustaf Felvovin scribbled the recipe for self-levitating hydrogel!’ A telescopic arm unfolded and poked Sam in the forehead.

‘It, indeed!’ Flic whizzed away, muttering.


Full Name: Flic

Age: 20

strengths / weaknesses


Flic possesses a remarkable ability to catalog and retain extensive amounts of information. Its role as a Cybernetic Curator involves documenting and organizing data across multiple levels of a complex environment. Flic’s capacity to store and retrieve information, even down to obscure details like a specific napkin scribble, makes it an invaluable resource for those seeking knowledge.


Flic’s primary functions seem to revolve around information management and problem-solving, which may result in a lack of emotional understanding and relatability.

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