Fedor Volkov


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Fedor was the strong, silent type. Not by choice. It was just easier to be that way.

His gene pool swam with brawn, oozed it, in fact, leaving little space for intelligence to manifest, and yet Fedor had been blessed with both. Blessed, however, was a subjective description. He would argue that he was cursed.

Fedor bent to pick up his books and caught a boot to the rear.

‘You don’t need books.’ His father scowled. ‘You’re a fighter, not a poet!’


Full Name: Fedor Volkov

Cadre: The Stone Thieves

Cadre Role: Juggernaut

Age: 15

strengths / weaknesses


Fedor’s gene pool has blessed him with exceptional physical strength and athleticism. He excels in hand-to-hand combat, making him a formidable fighter even in the most challenging situations.


Fedor’s internal struggle between his physical prowess and intelligence creates a conflict of identity. He may grapple with feelings of self-doubt, feeling torn between what he excels at and what is expected of him by his family or society, leading to moments of internal turmoil.

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