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Eindhoven & Remus

This is a bad idea.’Remus scanned the room. ‘You don’t say?’

Far below the busy streets of London, away from the noise and bustle of The Mall, two men contemplated an ill deed.

A Theft.
A Robbery.

There was simply no euphemistic way of looking at it.

‘Remind me again why we’re doing this?’ Eindhoven crouched beside his partner-in-crime. He fiddled with a cigar-sized cylinder. The logo on the side of the weapon was an amalgamation of the letters ‘H’ and ‘R’. Harbinger Robotics: a name that had, until recently, been held in the lowest regard.

‘Uh… For fame? Fortune? Glory? Our names in a thousand ballads?’

‘Hmm. You do realise we’re turncoats?

About Eindhoven

Full Name: Frederik Eindhoven


About Remus

Full Name: Remus Palatine


strengths / weaknesses


The duo of Remus and Eindhoven likely possesses a combination of skills that make them formidable partners in crime. Remus’s quick thinking, wit, and charisma could provide the pair with a convincing front and the ability to manipulate situations, while Eindhoven’s technical proficiency and familiarity with robotics could grant them access to advanced technology and systems crucial for their illicit activities.


While their strategic planning is a strength, it could also be a weakness if their confidence in their cleverness blinds them to unforeseen variables. Overreliance on their abilities might lead them to underestimate the level of opposition or security measures in place, resulting in critical oversights during their criminal endeavors.

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