Willian Hu

Dr Hu

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Dr Hu

Dr. Hu is a wise and responsible man, often serving as the group’s voice of reason and guidance. With a calm and composed demeanour, he carries an air of authority and respectability that naturally draws others to him. As the responsible one, Dr. Hu is a mentor and adviser, offering sound advice and ensuring everyone approaches situations with seriousness and composure. 


Full Name: Willian Hu

Nickname: Dr Hu

Cadre: The Trojan Ponies

Cadre Role: Reader

Age: 33

strengths / weaknesses


Dr. Hu’s greatest strength lies in his wisdom and composure. He possesses a deep understanding of various situations and can offer insightful perspectives to his companions. His ability to remain calm and composed under pressure allows him to make rational decisions and guide others during stressful moments.


Dr. Hu’s sense of responsibility may lead him to take on too much and neglect his own well-being. He might prioritize the needs of others over his own, potentially leading to burnout or emotional strain.

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