Dominic Delamaar


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Dominic possesses a charming and charismatic demeanour that draws people to him, and his Scottish heritage adds a unique flair to his character. Dominic’s love for his homeland is evident in his passion for its culture, traditions, and history. He embodies the warmth and friendliness that Scotland is known for, making him an endearing and beloved figure among his friends and acquaintances.


Full Name: Dominic Delamaar

Cadre: The Tinker’s Hammer

Cadre Role: Charlatan

Age: 30

strengths / weaknesses


Dominic’s greatest strength lies in his charisma and engaging personality. He has a natural ability to connect with people and make them feel welcome and valued. His warmth and friendliness create a sense of camaraderie wherever he goes, making him a cherished and approachable companion.


Dominic’s strong connection to his Scottish heritage might sometimes lead to stubbornness and pride. While his pride in his roots is admirable, it could also prevent him from being open to new perspectives or considering alternative viewpoints.

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