Brychan Dobbs


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Sweating, with his back pressed hard against the cold metal tree, Brychan grinned
as he watched his hirsute nemesis flail about. Maybe today was going to be his lucky day?

It was not. The mountain of hair and muscle tripped over a root and lurched forward. Brychan managed a

‘You’ve got to be kidding!’, before he felt and heard a sickening crunch.


Full Name: Brychan Dobbs

Nickname: Dobbs

Cadre: Pandora’s Box

Cadre Role: Reader

Age: 26

strengths / weaknesses


Brychan’s strong athleticism is a significant advantage in various situations. His physical prowess allows him to excel in sports, combat, or any physical challenges he may face. Whether it’s running, jumping, or engaging in hand-to-hand combat, his athletic abilities give him an edge over opponents and help him accomplish physically demanding tasks.


Brychan’s confidence might also make him impulsive, acting quickly without considering all the consequences. This impulsiveness could lead to making hasty judgments or acting on emotions rather than rational thinking. It’s essential for him to develop patience and think through his actions thoroughly to avoid unnecessary mistakes or regrets.


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