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Mr D'Angleo

Salvador D’Angelo was a tall man, straight of back and broad shouldered. His dark hair was neatly cropped, with a smattering of grey dotting his temples. He was not wearing glasses, although Sam saw some balanced upon the mass of papers strewn across the desk. One of them, he noticed, was an open scroll, and he leaned in curiously.


Full Name: Salvador D’Angelo

Age: 52

strengths / weaknesses


As a natural leader, D’Angelo exudes a commanding presence that instils confidence and fosters a sense of unity among his students. He leads by example, demonstrating unwavering dedication to the pursuit of knowledge and the promotion of harmony in the world.


Despite his brilliance, D’Angelo can be somewhat stubborn and resistant to change. His adherence to tradition and established practices may hinder him from embracing new ideas or alternative viewpoints.

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