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Casius & Camiel

‘Well, not everyone.’ Two children appeared from behind a creeper clad tree. They were both lean and tanned with straight dark hair and violet coloured eyes, mirror images of each other, except that one was a boy and the other, a girl.

It was the girl who had spoken and she smiled as she approached them, her bare feet and ankles wet from the undergrowth. The boy hesitated before following her.

‘Your pretty friend is right, you should’ve brought your map. These paths are a maze.’


Full Name: Casius and Camiel D’Angelo


strengths / weaknesses


Their friendly and approachable demeanor, evident from the warm smile and willingness to help, endears them to others, fostering a sense of trust and comfort among their companions.


Their tendency to prioritize helping others may lead them to overlook their own well-being or neglect personal needs, potentially putting themselves at risk or becoming emotionally drained in their efforts to assist others.

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