Mikael Zukov

Big Z

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Big Z

Big Z is a powerful and formidable man, living up to his name with his immense strength. He exudes a commanding presence and has an imposing physique that makes him stand out in any crowd. Big Z’s reputation as a force to be reckoned with precedes him, and people are often in awe of his sheer physical prowess.¬†


Full Name: Mikael Zukov

Nickname: Big Z

Cadre: The Pen Dragons

Cadre Role: Juggernaut

Age: 32

strengths / weaknesses


 Despite his imposing demeanor, Big Z is known for being a protector and guardian to those he cares about. His strong sense of loyalty and responsibility leads him to stand up for others and shield them from harm, making him a reliable and trusted ally.


Due to his immense strength and possibly past experiences, Big Z may struggle to control his temper when provoked or faced with challenges. This lack of emotional restraint might lead to impulsive actions or regrettable outbursts, causing unintended consequences.

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