Isabella Giordano


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That summer Bella had returned from school a young woman and things had never been the same between them. He looked at her differently now, her long dark hair, olive skin and sparkling eyes, the same cheeky grin but more interesting lips… Stop it! She’s your oldest friend, only now she’s beautiful and you’re still just…you!


Full Name: Isabella Giordano

Nickname: Bella

Age: 14

strengths / weaknesses


Bella’s strength lies in her long-lasting friendship with Joe. Their bond has endured through the years, showing her loyalty, trustworthiness, and ability to maintain meaningful connections with others. This strong friendship can provide emotional support and stability in times of need.


The changing dynamics between Bella and Joe could be a weakness. If her Joe’s perception of her alters due to her physical changes, it may lead to misunderstandings or distance in their relationship. Bella might grapple with the complexities of friendship and attraction, potentially affecting her interactions and communication with her friend.

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