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He holds doctorates in Engineering, Biochemistry, Genetics and Quantum Mechanics, and is what you might call a tinkerer. Anatoly leaps on whatever Ivan dreams up. Together, they are the perfect inventor – and possibly the most dangerous.’

Sam’s eyes brightened. ‘Why?’

‘Genius rarely asks if something should be done, its only focus is what can be done. Ivan’s not conscious when he concocts his designs and Anatoly never considers the potential impact of what Ivan dreams up. He’s consumed by the challenge of trying to build it, which is not so good when it’s a weapon or harmful biological agent.’


Full Name: Anatoly Mikhailov

Age: 44

strengths / weaknesses


Anatoly’s possession of multiple doctorates in Engineering, Biochemistry, Genetics, and Quantum Mechanics showcases an extraordinary level of intelligence and expertise across diverse scientific fields. This multidisciplinary knowledge allows him to approach problems from various angles and find innovative solutions that others might overlook.


Anatoly’s obsession with the challenge of building Ivan’s dream designs could become a weakness. This single-minded pursuit of technical accomplishment might cause him to overlook potential dangers or fail to question the intended purpose of the inventions thoroughly. The excitement of the technical feat might blind him to the potential harm these creations could cause, leading to unforeseen disastrous outcomes.

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