Allegarus Nazareth


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‘But seriously, who is that guy?’ ‘Allegarus Nazareth. My chaperone for the day.’ Sam lowered his voice. ‘Is he real? He’s massive!’

The teenagers stared. He was huge! Not only tall but with a thick neck and shoulders so broad he made Atlas look like a long-distance runner. He bristled with muscle. A scar traversed the man’s face from his square jaw, over one milky eye and across the crown of his shaved head.


Full Name: Allegarus Nazareth

Age: 42

strengths / weaknesses


Allegarus Nazareth’s imposing physical presence and immense strength make him an intimidating figure, commanding respect and fear from those around him.


Despite his impressive physical attributes, Allegarus’ intimidating appearance might make it challenging for him to connect with others on a deeper emotional level, leading to a sense of isolation or fear from those who don’t know him well.

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